With over 25 years experience in Theta Healing, Zena Gourevitch now travels the globe sharing her knowledge and teaching the art of Theta Healing.


The life of your dream is absolutely real! You are the creators of your own life. You can control your life on all four levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. I can help and guide you to achieve all of it.


Become a certified Theta Healing Practitioner. Learn and understand the science of Theta. Discover how to alter negative beliefs and identify energy blocks by developing your intuition and psychic ability.


Zena is located in the beautiful Byron Bay where she provides Theta Healing from her home based clinic.

Zoom healing sessions are available for those who do not live in the area.

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It was amazing training and miracles! Zina is truly a unique master, magic happens every day at the courses!

Zena is the savior of our souls… After these days of training, which we lived in a cocoon and under the guidance of Zena, reality has come. But the bright feeling of lightness, love and joy remained with me forever! Thank you dear Zena for the changes in my life!

From today I love myself and everyone and thank everyone. I am sure that my life is going to be better. I believe in myself and all this is thanks to you, my dear Zinayu. You taught me to live, love and rejoice! Thank you!

I came to Zena with a weight problem. I tried many diets, but the results never stuck; the weight always returned. Yet, Zena made me realise that weight is only a symptom. We had a challenging few years with my hubby, who was suffering from depression, I was depressed too, unhappy, and everything was going towards divorce. 

I don’t know what happens during sessions; it’s like a miracle and extraordinary skills. After each session, I felt lighter, happier, and gradually improved my life. In a few months, my family life is not recognisable; my husband feels much better, we found commitment to each other. I feel so much better, and the extra weight is slowly melting. It did not happen in one day; it involves work, believing and visualisation. I recommend The Theta Tree to anybody who wants to change his life. 

Thank you, Zena, for the fantastic gift. You are an angel, sent to people 🙂